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The Lewistown Police Department is responsible for the enforcement of the City and State criminal laws within the jurisdictional boundaries of the City of Lewistown.  The Department is also responsible for patrol and traffic enforcement.  Currently the Police Department has 13 Sworn Officers to include the Chief of Police and SRO.  Officers work 12hr shifts and the Police Department is open 24X7 - 365 days per year.

One Specially trained School Resource officer is assigned to serve as a full time School Resource Officer during the school year, focusing on enhancing safety and security for students and staff, and to increase students' knowledge of and respect for law by building positive relationships as well as fostering educational programs and activities.  The SRO program is intended to be proactive in nature, with an emphasis on preventing problems before they occur.  The officer's efforts are dedicated to serving the schools, cooperating with school officials when investigating criminal offenses on or near school property and being readily available to respond to school emergencies.  The position is currently funded jointly between the City of Lewistown and the Lewistown School District by contractual agreement.

The Central Montana 9-1-1 Center division is the Public Safety Telecommunications Center for the Lewistown Police Department, Fergus, Judith Basin and Petroleum County, originating in the 538 prefix telephone exchange.  The division is responsible for dispatching emergency units in response to, calls from the public regarding crimes against persons and property, emergency medical situations, fires, and hazardous material incidents to name a few, in a 10,500 square mile radius. Curently the center employs 5 full time and 4 part time employees who work 10hr shifts 24X7 - 365 days per year.

 The Animal Control / Code Compliance is charged with the responsibility of enforcing City and State laws concerning animals, nuisances, community decay and city-wide violations.  The Animal Code Compliance responsibility includes the apprehension of stray, wild and domestic animals, issuing notices to appear in court for the owners of stray animals, investigating vicious animals and animal bite cases and transporting animals for rabies testing.  In addition to its primary responsibilities, the division serves as support for the Police Department for animal related problems.  The Animal Control division works with the Pet Assistance League to house and care for the animals that are the City's responsibility. The Code Enforcement responsibilities include enforcement through notice of violations and collections of fines associated with community decay, abandoned and junk vehicles, weed abatement and other codes.  Currently there are one full time and one part time employees taking care of Animal Control and Code Enforcement.

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